We believe luxury labels should be made for animals, and not from animals.

We put our emphasis on developing premium pet products that are everlasting in their material and design, while In today’s market, a quality collar is comprised of leather, we are here to offer an alternative - One that meets the everlasting quality that leather promises, without harming other animals. 

Leather is the least eco-friendly material. 

The Global Fashion Agenda found that leather is the most environmentally impactful material to produce from cradle to gate. 

This is because for cows to be farmed, the land must be cleared for them to live on, as well as for their feed to grow on. In fact, the majority of the Amazon clearing is due to cattle farming. Cows produce an enormous amount of greenhouse gasses, too, at a time we can least afford it!

Our mission is to bring awareness and develop a new line of premium pet products that are everlasting in their material and design while having been crafted for animals and not from animals. We call this the No-Leather Movement. 

We specialize in crafting visually stunning designs pet owners love, with quality they can trust. Our products are 100% vegan- no plastic components and leather-free. 

Our designs for the collar and leash accessories are for us, as much as they are for them and therefore, we focus on styling that is effortless and harmonizes in our lives. 


Written by Gal Leshem

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