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Für Sie is a lifestyle dog brand tailored for your furry life partners and you. We design and develop dog accessories made of the finest materials, with that extra something special that will elevate your daily life routine with your furry sidekick.
Weve been searching for unique dog accessories in terms of quality, design, functionality, and usability, but unfortunately, we were chasing after our own tails. 
That's why we came up with Für Sie that captures all of our heart desires and all that we wish to give to our sidekicks for life.
Für Sie is an outcome of our creative minds, unconditional love for design and an appreciation for high-quality materials. Our mission was to create a premium label that puts emphasis on excellent quality and aesthetics that wouldn't come on the animal expanse and create luxury dog products that's made for animals and not from animals. 
After long research and with the help of an incredibly talented group of people working with us, we are very proud to present to you what we believe are the best accessories for dogs that will truly make you treat them like family. 
Because thats what we're talking about here. 
Whether your family is geeky/ funny/ crazy/ loving/ busy/ urban/ country/ adventurous or whatever comes to mind, we know how to raise all the paws in the air. Welcome to our pack.